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    With Love and Best Wishes

    Thomas Gray Haile subcollection, cards 30, 21, 63, and 40. Two cards from Madge for today (or is it three?), and one other. Here we go . . . First up, one from Madge with a suitably love/romance-oriented image. A rather brief message, but bearing much in the way of implications: Just nine more days until the twenty second–Dixie was down yesterday afternoon and I ‘spect yours and John’s ears burnt for we talked about you all the time Dixie is sick tell John. Be good Madge [unknown] to Thomas Haile, 18 February 1908 One suspects the date reference was to when she next expected to see Thomas. Dixie evidently…

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    The world was made for only two

    Thomas Gray Haile subcollection, cards 49, 69, 45, and 67 Madge in January, 1907. These next four cards all date from the latter third of January, 1907. At this time, Thomas was evidently either in Nashville or having his mail directed there–specifically to the Cumberland T&T for whom (I’m guessing) he worked. Maud sent three from Gainesboro, and one from Oneida. First up, a couple by the seaside. They appear rather pleased with themselves (from my perspective). Received your card tonight and was sure glad. Wish you could be here tonight have been waiting all the afternoon on [unclear] from being lonely. Wont be down the 22nd. Be good. Madge”…