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    Mama sends her best regards

    Thomas Gray Haile subcollection, cards, 6, 47, 116, 12, and 16 And so we bid good-bye to Madge, but not without a few more cards from her! First up, a rather nice-looking rabbit complete with carrot and baby chicken. Complete with a small message on the image side at the top (see the title of this post). Apparently sent by one Maria? Martha? On the reverse–quite a long message. The writer recognizes the difficulty her recipient is likely to have reading it, attributing it to her pen (hence the number of times I guessed or couldn’t even guess at what she wrote). Hello! how do you like Okla? fine I…

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    Life happens when you’re not looking?

    Life happens when you’re not looking–and when you are. I plead the press of work (semester starting, search committee work, two library-related research/writing projects in process . . . ) Here’s the next Thomas Gray Haile subcollection card (#41). I’ll post more (possibly finish the subcollection) next week–or in October. Depends on how September works out. Then we have a most interesting inscription. Say I cant get that foolish notion out of my head at all. I hope you wont let M___ beat me. If she has’ent already done that. Are you coming home _ __ this summer? What will I do with my roses if you do not come?…

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    Write real soon and often, be good

    Thomas Gray Haile subcollection, cards 29, 23, 43, 81 Four quick today–or three quick and one longer at the end (Madge, of course). First up: another with condition issues but showing some pretty flowers. A previous owner sorted it into the flower section. A birthday card, although don’t ask me from whom. I’m not entirely sure. Some of the words are partially obscured by the damage. Here’s what I was able to transcribe: Hello How are you we are fine and dandy but you know we fell [unclear] becouse you all diden come but sure re[?] looking for you all Friday [unclear] must be sure and come so ou call…