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Life happens when you’re not looking?

Life happens when you’re not looking–and when you are.

I plead the press of work (semester starting, search committee work, two library-related research/writing projects in process . . . )

Here’s the next Thomas Gray Haile subcollection card (#41). I’ll post more (possibly finish the subcollection) next week–or in October. Depends on how September works out.

painting of a man fishing in a river, in the background are trees, a bridge over high river falls, mountains, and clouds
[unknown] to Thomas Gray Haile, 24 [illegible] 19xx

Then we have a most interesting inscription.

Say I cant get that foolish notion out of my head at all. I hope you wont let M___ beat me. If she has’ent already done that. Are you coming home _ __ this summer? What will I do with my roses if you do not come? You did not keep your promise- your little flower girl

[unknown] to Thomas Gray Haile, 24 [illegible] 19xx

So, the question with this is, who is the “little flower girl.” Madge? Or is Madge the M____ the writer references? The postmark is mostly illegible. It might be from Gainesville–or from some other place starting with a G or C and containing an N around where the N is in Gainesville. Definitely a place in Tennessee, but the only other piece of the mark that’s clear is the date (24). As for the handwriting . . . Madge’s handwriting varies a fair amount–but this is far enough away from her usual style (as seen in other cards) that either she was taking great pains or, more likely, she’s the M___.

“Life happens when you’re not looking,” copyright 2021, Alea Henle.

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