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Mama sends her best regards

Thomas Gray Haile subcollection, cards, 6, 47, 116, 12, and 16

And so we bid good-bye to Madge, but not without a few more cards from her!

First up, a rather nice-looking rabbit complete with carrot and baby chicken. Complete with a small message on the image side at the top (see the title of this post). Apparently sent by one Maria? Martha?

A rabbit, carrot, flowers, and a hatching chicken within a larger eggshell. Printed message "Easter Greetings" plus handwritten note at the top "Mama sends her best regards"
[Maria? Martha?] to Thomas Haile, 12 April [n.d.]

On the reverse–quite a long message. The writer recognizes the difficulty her recipient is likely to have reading it, attributing it to her pen (hence the number of times I guessed or couldn’t even guess at what she wrote).

Hello! how do you like Okla? fine I guess[?] are you dont [illegible[ them about coming back. Times are awful dul here nothing doing we havent had no good times since you left we all certainly miss [illegible] sunday school especially. Oh Lucy[?] just [illegible] she has been going with Harmon Haile[?] of late. Dont know yet when I will go to my first as soon as sister comes[?] that she is coming right away the she said [illegible] youll be sure betty[?]s off to see us [illegible] pen is so awful I know you cant read this if you do it will surprise me, I [illegible] last morn to talkyou but is I know not [illegible] rooms shall leave it for some other time Mona[?] B

[Maria? Martha?] to Thomas Haile, 12 April [n.d.]

Now for one of three Madge cards in today’s post. Highly romantic, of course.

A man and a woman in a park setting. He's holding a letter or card. She's pointing a finger. Caption "Spooning in Gainesboro."
Madge [unknown] to Thomas Haile, 11 May [n.d.]

The message on the reverse? Not quite so much although the last line is quite open to interpretation.

McMurray Received your letter and would have answered but Bro Sister and Nina S- are here and I’ll wait until Monday Cheer up for I still have a say so about what I’ll do and [illeg] getting mad at people who interfere [illeg] Monday Madge

Madge [unknown] to Thomas Haile, 11 May [n.d.]

A quick word about the glitter caption, by the way–it could be done by the postcard company or the whomever sold the card (locally, presumably in Gainesboro), or the sender. I’ve seen some glitter writings that I’m sure were done by the sender, and others not. This I’m not sure of.

Then there’s this moody card from Madge . . . with the plaintive addition “If only you were here”

A young woman in dress and veil sits on a bench by the side of a stream
Madge [unknown] to Thomas Haile, 18 Sept. [n.d.]

Although I can’t make out the year, I suspect it was sent somewhere amidst the others where she reminded him to be good.

[unclear] this card will be[?] a surprise to you [unclear] I can’t wait any longer[?] his has indeed been[?] a lonesome day for Mary[?] + F would give this world (if it were mine[?]) Just to see you one minute Be assured that I will be true and [unclear] [are?] troubling[?] you write soon [unclear unclear — mostly unclear] Be good Madge

Madge [unknown] to Thomas Haile, 18 Sept. [n.d.]

On to a rather more prosaic card and message concerned as much as anything with travel and weather.

Flay [unknown] to Thomas Haile, 13 December [n.d.]

Hello Mr Haile rec’d your card glad you all got home all-right. certainly was a bad day for driving I appreciated those pictures so much write me again yours fondly Flay

Flay [unknown] to Thomas Haile, 13 December [n.d.]

And last, one more from Madge

Roses and the caption "Best Love from" with "Madge" added in handwriting
Madge [unknown] to Thomas Haile, 2 October [n.d.]

Rather appropriate in some ways, eh? for it ends with her having won a bet–and assuring him she’s being good.

Sunday[?] O Your letter came tonight glad to get it. I understand why you are better satisfied I think I have won the bet, do you remember? I [unclear] how it would be when you left “such is life” Kate received your card all O.K. I am not mad 2 want you its _ (if you want to) May write you tomorrow don’t know I am being good. Madge”

Madge [unknown] to Thomas Haile, 2 October [n.d.]

FYI: I’ll be taking a little time off to work on some other projects. I’ll be back in Oct/Nov with a new album to process–an album assembled by a collector who participated in postcard clubs in the first decade of the 1900s! I’m looking forward to that.

“Mama sends her best regards,” copyright A.R. Henle 2021.

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