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    Convincing proof for the most skeptical

    Katheryn McMahon Newton album, cards 120-122 There’s lots to analyze on this first card for today! This card includes two of the ways senders might interact with images. For one, Fred invoked the image in his inscription. Dearie:– The residence section of Seattle is very fin as this street + scene shows it to be but as told you before little Portland – the city of roses as it is called “for mine” This kind of street is flushed + washed with a big fire hose every night. How do I know about what is going on at night well I read about it maybe Fred Newton to Katheryn McMahon,…

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    Lonesome in a God-forsaken Hole

    Katheryn McMahon Newton album, cards 116-119 A variety of streets and buildings for today. Two of the cards had no messages, but their reverses are nevertheless worth showing alongside the fronts. The cards were sent by different people to different people–at the same address and roughly the same time. I haven’t (yet) done further research into the addresses but it’s quite possible that 1800 State Street, Chicago, was a boarding house or a family lived there who took in a boarder or . . . well, actually, there are quite a few explanations. This will have to wait on some of the external research I’ll do when I write about…

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    Beautiful burgs, leaky pens, and grief

    Katheryn McMahon Newton album, cards 113-115 Three very different cards for today! Two from Fred, one short and one messy, and one from a different person entirely. All, as is mostly the case, to Katheryn. First up: the short end. This is a contradictory combination, in a way. Fred sent a card showing an image of Pueblo while in Pueblo (the postmark is faint, but clear enough)–to praise Colorado Springs. He had just taken the train from Colorado Springs to Pueblo, but already he considered himself able to speak to his opinion of that town versus others. Hon: I realize what a beautiful little town Colo Springs is when I…