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Daddy dear and sweetheart valentines

Katheryn McMahon Newton album, additional materials

Before we go to the additional materials, a correction regarding a recent post. When discussing card 127, I somehow leapt to associate references to the “U.S. Ex. agent” as exports. I’m not sure what I was thinking. At any rate, this was far more likely a U.S. Express agent — i.e. a firm that he had arranged to ship materials to Katheryn. A precursor / antecedent to UPS and/or FedEx. Especially given one of the letters below!

The album contained two letters and three cards when it reached me.

A birthday card on the left, valentine in the center, and card addressed to "Daddy Dear" on the right.
Cards included in the Katheryn McMahon Newton album

These all date from later-on. The cards on the left and right are signed from Jane, the righthand one at least surely intended for Fred as her father. Fred signed the central card as “Your Daddy Fred” so it may well have been directed to Jane.

There are also two letters. Both date from 1908 and went to Katheryn, and hence offer insight into the other cards and to Fred and Katheryn’s lives and relations.

This letter went from Fred to Katheryn while he was on his trip westward. It’s thus an opportunity to see the kind of thing he wrote in a letter versus on a postcard.

Letter paper and envelope bearing emblems for the Hyde Paper Co. of Pueblo Colorado.
Fred Newton to Katheryn McMahon, 15 February 1908

Thing is . . . this letter isn’t that different. Maybe other letters had more private information. We can speculate, but in the end we only have what we have. As with his postcards, he let her know his whereabouts and travel information, and expressed concern about her not writing.

Feb. 15th 1908


Arrived in Pueblo from Colo. Springs last night about 7.50. Train was 1 hour + 30 minutes late owing to a wreck of some freight car’s at Lake Palmer. Sweetheart I am quite dissapointed at not haveing received a letter from you before leaving the “Springs” I have been sending you postal cards galore showing you as many laces of interest as I could lay my hands on, also several unique souvenier’s as well as a pocket-book-a book called “all thats Lovely” + a postal album which I shipped via U.S. Express. I hope you will enjoy this “Book + the [unclear] doz. views with them – I am awfully anxious to know how you are dear what + who you have been seeing + ding write me dearest with Love Hon. Fred.

Fred Newton to Katheryn McMahon, 15 February 1908

Fred wrote on paper from The Hyde Paper Co. in Pueblo, Colorado, where he also sent the letter from. He might have picked up some local samples–or perhaps this was the paper and envelope made available at the hotel he stayed at.

The other letter included in the album is a rather different matter. It’s to Katheryn after her marriage, at the same Seattle address that Katheryn’s mother-in-law used, and came from Katheryn’s sister. Whether this is her sister by birth or marriage is unclear. She didn’t include a return name/address on the envelope or sign her last name. Her first name appears to be Tuna (Tina?).

Plain envelope and portion of letter addressed to Mrs Fred Newton 830 17th St. Seattle Wa. Postmark Chicago, Ill., 3 September 1908 3pm.
Tuna [Tina?} to Mrs Fred Newton (Kit), 2 September 1908

September 2

Dear Sister:

Received your letter, and glad that you are well. I suppose that you have gotten my other letter by this time. Fred is staying up here he has a cold and not working. I suppose that you know that Francis is married and he feels bad about it, Kit did you see Mamie Kranzie[?]’s picture in the Tribune holding a glass of wine. Ma and Will want to see about selling the house and they are looking at a lot on St. Lawrence Ave, out South, Ma want to built a three flat. I hope that they will do it. Kit what do you want in the fancy work. In Fields they have the pretties luncheon set for 2,50 a center piece and six napkins they are working in green and white something very pretty what do you want with towels the are for back of chairs, old style.

The stores do not have there opening until next month have nothing in that is pretty went down to pay on bill yesterday, had you charge of braid on skirt the 19th told them to look it up. We are going to calvery[?] to day Ma and Emma are on the out’s, Mollie told her something you know how that street is, the Hemsies[?] were to see Mollie and wanted a lot of rubles[?] about you. Rosie Burns run away and got married so you are not talked about. she is the subject now. will write tomorrow

Ma wants you to send Mrs Siegle a postal but not to put your address on it, Mamie Buckley has a boy. They never told us about it. I dont think that it lived. Jessie got put out o here flat and is living in [unclear] Park. Fannie said that she met a Jewish girl at Fox Lake that Fred went with and she was surprised that Fred was married. Punch went up to Fred’s to get his teeth fix and he was gone to Texas[?] Dr Cushing said that he got over it all O.K. our teeth are on the [unclear] ever sence you got married I think he wish it. Mrs Clark was ti se Ma [unclear] and Lewis are going to Fox Lake to close up the cottage They are going to stay a week. You know what that means. Was out to lunch yesterday, wish that you was here. Ma is so lonesom for you Kit I dont think your suit is to large he make them that way. you alway got you suit to small.

What did you think of the big stick[?] that printed for you. I would like to go to Seattle the end of this month if I can get the ticket. Ma want me to go so bad, I ges[?] that I told you all the news. How [unclear] Fred. Had to stop and give Fred a catch[?] (write soon) Tuna [Tina?]

Tuna [Tina?} to Mrs Fred Newton (Kit), 2 September 1908

Two observations about this letter. One, it further confirms that Katheryn is likely Fred’s preferred version of her name as his wife versus being called Kit. Two, it’s definitely a family / neighborhood letter offering “all the news.”

Tune in next time for the chronological view!

“Daddy Dear and sweetheart valentines,” copyright 2021, A.R. Henle.

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