Fantasy Romance

Love, dance, power, which do you want?

The Dancing Princesses

A New Princess Gisela serves her village, where the good of the people matters more than any one person’s happiness. Unable to contribute to the village in the most primal of ways, she releases her unhappiness by dancing in a fallow field . . . until the ruler of the land notices her latent magic. The least of a large family, Stevan ranks as a solid, reliable scribe. Someone others respect—and forget. Then he meets Gisela, the newest of the Dancing Princesses: lovely, magical, and out-of-reach. For the first time in Stevan’s life, he dreams high; Gisela leaves old dreams behind in the village and seeks new. To win through to each other, they must match power for power—and dare to reveal weaknesses as well as strengths. Moving and sweet, A New Princess follows powerful, believable protagonists finding strength through love.

A Healer Princess Leander loves three things: information, truth, and his sister. For her sake, he clambered down off the palace roofs to take a place as a sub-librarian in the library. He earns their keep in a world of books, papers, and the pursuit of answers to any and all questions, no matter how complex. One more successful mission means promotion to full librarian—cementing his and his sister’s place on the ground. But at night in his lonely bed, he dreams of a woman as far out of reach as a star in the sky. Seen and admired only from a distance: Danissa, the youngest of the magical Dancing Princesses. Sent to the summer palace to investigate a minor mystery—the destruction of an imperial treasure—all roads lead to Danissa. His promotion hinged on extracting vital information, but gaining her love required restraint and secrecy. or love? Or find a way to win both? Two cautious hearts collide in a sweet romance in A Healer Princess.

A Royal Princess (1 September 2023) Nefeli dislikes secrets. They lead to mistrust and discontent. Better to face problems straight on, admit weaknesses alongside strengths, and build trust. Only Nefeli’s lover and dance partner, Jola, offers a respite from the plots, treacheries, and fears plaguing Nefeli’s family, the rulers of Codaros. But her family’s troubles threaten to entangle her one more time when Nefeli’s mother offers her true power. Jola ranks among the princesses who protect the land from danger and disaster, but remembers her common origins. Determined to help other commoners understand the power of dance magic, she led retired princesses to build schools fostering dance training across the nation. She fears losing magic, place at court, and most of all her beloved Nefeli, if her dancing ever fails. One fine evening, she sees the first signs . . . Two loving, fearful hearts. Two sets of secrets capable of binding them together—or parting them forever. With characters poignant and fierce, A Royal Princess offers a moving portrait of quiet, determined love.

A Spy Princess (1 October 2023) Emmi indulges in cleanliness and order as a servant to the magical dancing princesses. The rest of her life? Regular chaos with her growing daughter’s wants and needs, her brother sticking his nose into her business, and an impossible attraction to one of the princesses. Heron struggles with conflicting loyalties. As a sibling and citizen of their homeland, they remain loyal to the city of their birth. As a dancing princess, they help protect and preserve the land that uncovered and nurtured their magic—their homeland’s feared rival and threat. Their only escape: their rooms, maintained as a haven by a woman they dare not admit they adore. Until Emmi’s supervisor reassigns her. Deprived of regular contact, two lonely hearts seek each other—only to find barrier after barrier in their way. Dreamy and twisty, the pages of A Spy Princess practically turn themselves.