Alternate History

The Twisting World

Where everything moves, if and when it wishes. Everything.

Sanctuary Hall (Finders & Binders 1) — available 1 November 2023

Magic breeds misery

Augusta fails to hold her family together, despite her magical gift for binding. Her cracked world breaks wide open the day her father decides to declare her vanished mother dead. Retracing the steps her mother took before fleeing promises to heal Augusta . . . or reveal the wrongness at the heart of her magic.

Luella loves her home of farms and fields amid swamps—but her magic ensures she finds every lost thing. One too many careless words of items lost in the wrong place, and her clan elders send her off to learn to control her magic . . . except truly grasping her power requires giving up hope of returning home.

Cheng speaks to the air and the earth, and they reply, ensuring he never walks alone. Until the day his work on the railroad upsets the elemental balance within him—and bit by bit he loses the ability to communicate with other humans.

The pages of Sanctuary Hall practically turn themselves in a moving tale of people facing their worst enemy: their own magic.

Water for Blood

Restore the spring of Life!

Losing her beloved father scarred Mara. She held tight to her mother, half-brother, and the unknown grandfather who showed up in the wake of her father’s death. He never explained his absence. She never asked, valuing him as a link to her dad.

Until her dying grandfather asked her to go on a quest for the conquistador who, centuries earlier, stole the spring of life.

She agreed, never guessing that the quest involved deep, dark secrets about her father—and herself.

Moving and powerful, Water for Blood features compelling, complex characters facing generations-old evil.