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    The Man of the Hour

    Katheryn McMahon Newton album, cards 101-104 Last post included Fred’s post-show review of seeing “The Man of the Hour” at the Pueblo Opera House. The first card today Fred sent to Katheryn prior to the viewing, with a little backstory — and an image of the Opera House. Based on this card, Fred did not stay at the Antlers Hotel, although he referenced it in a prior card. Instead, he stayed at the Grand. Good Morning Dear: Wrote you of my arrival here last night. Dont tell a whole lot about [on reverse] the town yet as have not had chance to look up + over the place. Met a…

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    “A little lady leaving the hotel”

    Katheryn McMahon Newton album, cards 95-97 All of today’s cards went from Fred to Katheryn, and build on the cards recently discussed. None of the images were coincidental, but rather connected to or referenced in Fred’s messages. First up, one from his trip down to Pueblo on the way to Seattle. Here Fred chose an image of the Mineral Palace. Back in the day it was intended to showcase Colorado’s mineral resources. The image certainly appears intended to invoke various classical architectural styles albeit with a decided angularity. It evidently required a short trip from where Fred stayed in the city, for he mentioned needing to “jump a car,” i.e.…