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    Now am to blame for being stuck on the West

    Katheryn McMahon Newton album, cards 123-125 Fred evidently had a very good meal at Hotel Tacoma. How do we know? He wrote Katheryn about it in pretty as much detail as one can squeeze on a postcard. The color came through quite nicely on this in reality. There are places of misalignment, but the contrast between the green, gold/yellow, and brown shoes up a lot better in person than in the photo. I’m not sure where the “Uncle Dud” came from. Probably an inside joke or family joke between the two. Any other suggestions are welcome. On the reverse, Fred detailed a feast. How many courses? How many of them…

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    Boston, Bangor, Karlsbad, and the Great White Fleet

    Katheryn McMahon Newton album, cards 46-49 Three of the four cards included in today’s post went to Anna McMahon, or another Miss McMahon, on State Street. They’re an interesting array of images, nevertheless for two the reverse offers the possibility to tease out more connections between the Miss McMahons and their correspondents. First up: Boston. This card, as with others sent from the northeastern U.S., came from J.T.R. Alas, I still have no clue what those initials stand for. It is of a Boston image, and was sent from Boston (Back Bay Station, specifically) on 12 July 1907. Then there’s these two cards from different parts of Europe–Bangor in Wales…

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    Berlin, a Terrace, and Mental Telegraphy

    Katheryn McMahon Newton Album, cards 27-29 First a card not from Fred but with a message. One “Billy” (last name unknown) is in Berlin (Germany) and moved to send a postcard to Katheryn–whom he (or she) addresses as “Kitty”–and ask forgiveness for not writing before. This dates to 1907, i.e. before most of the cards from Fred. Without more information about the individual, there’s fairly little to say as regards sender. Or is there? This does provide an inscription to compare with Fred’s. First off, it’s shorter–or rather, Fred’s are longer. I’ve acquired enough postcards, and particularly enough batches of postcards sent by one person, to say that Fred is…