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Chrysanthemums fill me with hope

Thomas Gray Haile subcollection, cards 1, 60, 42, and 61

First up, a new year. The card was evidently sent with that message and nothing else–and as you can see it received more damage than most in this group (which is saying something):

1907 a Happy New Year
Genia Bryant to Thomas Haile, 30 December 1908

Nothing much really to say about this in this instance. I’m sure a collector of date-oriented cards could speak more to it, or perhaps someone familiar with the maker. It’s signed Genia Bryant, and postmarked Haydenburg, Tennessee, and that’s about all I can offer without tracking her down someway (perhaps someday).

Then there’s this card from a Myrtle of Nashville–perhaps a rival (of sorts) to Madge? She made an interesting interaction with the front image and inscription, as shown.

Flowers against a landscape. A printed poem "Chrysanthemums fill me with hope / And love for you! / While Currant blossoms plead for me. / Be kind--Ah, do!" to which someone has crossed off kind and written true, and add the words "will you?"
Myrtle [unknown] to Thomas Haile, 10 January 1909

Her choice of word to substitute for kind is quite interesting (shades of Madge)–do we sense a theme here about Thomas? On the other side, she wrote a short message encouraging him to visit.

I’ll be just tickled to death to see you anytime you come. Be sure and Phone me as soon as you arrive Yours Myrtle

Myrtle [unknown] to Thomas Haile, 10 January 1909

Rather a pretty image on this card, sent in February. A simple scene, I’m not sure where or who Howard is (other than, presumably, the artist).

sunset over water; title sunset by Howard
[Unknown] to Thomas Haile, 9 February 1909

The handwriting is . . . ambiguous. It bears a certain resemblance to Madge, but not enough to convince me it came from her.

Didn’t get your card until tonight. I noticed it was dated 28th of Jan. am sorry I did not get to see you Can’t amagine why your card was so long in coming Mosy[?] S

[Unknown] to Thomas Haile, 9 February 1909

The card was postmarked Carthage, Tennessee. Evidently Thomas sent a card to whomever indicating they would be nearby, but the card got delayed. I had to double check the spelling of amagine v. imagine, by the way. Spelling such as this offers hints as to how people spoke or heard words in their heads. Cool!

Last but not least, here’s another card. This one resembles the middle one above (the chrysanthemum one). Given the small numbers printed in the bottom right corners, they were likely produced very close together in time and likely were from the same designer.

Clover spelling out "Be Mine" above a pastoral landscape; in a corner "Language of Flowers: Clover--"Be Mine""
[unknown] to Thomas Haile, 18 February 1909

Who sent this one? Could be Madge. Whoever it was was in Fountain Creek, Tennessee, when they mailed it. They wrote a partially indecipherable message:

Am enjoying myself fine hope you cant go to Nash [illeg] [illeg] away will be here a week or two [remainder illeg]

[unknown] to Thomas Haile, 18 February 1909

And that’s all for today. Return next week for references to handkerchiefs, books, and more cards!

“Chrysanthemums fill me with hope,” copyright 2021 Alea Henle.

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